Looking for Roofing Companies

My roof needed to be looked at by a professional. I was having issues with a few small leaks in one room of the upstairs of my house. I wasn’t sure who to call for the job because I never had anyone look at it before. I talked to a few friends that gave me the names of a couple reasonably priced roofing companies. The friends I talked to told me that one of these roofers may be able to repair it for me, but they may need to completely replace the roof.

They told me to call around and ask a few different places before hiring anyone for the work.

I wanted to make sure I explored all my options. I had the names of the roofing companies my friends gave me and I got their phone numbers after searching for them. But I also wanted to check other roofers in the area. I found several licensed contractors (which was a pretty big deal to me) when I searched for them here in Mobile, Alabama. I was able to read some reviews by people that hired them in the past, which was pretty cool. I read lots of good things about many of these guys. I took down their phone numbers too so I could call around and see what they would tell me.

I called all the roofing mobile al contractors I had heard about from my buds or found online (mostly from the web). I explained what was going on with the leaks and asked them if they thought they could patch it or if they would need to replace it. Each contractor told me the same thing which was they would need to see it in person before saying what they would be able to do, but one told me that a replacement is necessary due to tears in the roof’s coating, which I later learned is only for commercial roofs. I set up appointments for a few of the companies to take a look at my roof. They said their estimates were free and I wanted to get a good idea of what it was going to cost and what they would say needed to be repaired.

After the first two estimators looked at my roof, they both said it would need to be replaced completely due to heavy rot. They said they would get me quotes on both tin roofing and regular roofing as alternatives. I wanted to get more opinions before hiring either one of them. I called a few other places and set up free estimates with them. Once they both looked at it, they told me the same thing. I got estimates from all of them for the cost of replacing my roof.

After comparing their prices to what I previously read about them, I decided which company to hire. I called them and set up an appointment for them to replace the roofing on my home. I told them that I wanted to go with tin roofing and what color I wanted to get it in. They said they would be able to start working on it the following week.

Now that my roof has been replaced, it hasn’t leaked at all. The tin roofing I chose was a great choice. I am really happy with the way it turned out.